Nearly eight years ago this manuscript was discovered in the home of a suburban Chicago hoarder.   The staff at Lead Mini Quarry reluctantly accepted  the task of preparing it for publication, and after years of procrastination and legal battles you can finally read the long lost story that inspired your favorite tales of wonder and adventure.

Yes, Lead Mini Quarry is proud to exclusively feature irregular installments of:

Devouring The Rings

Frighteningly real.   Reminds me of my childhood in New Jersey

-The Old Crapper

Stubbietown Journal

The best non-fiction read of the year!

-World Book of Facts

Grab a pile of snacks and put on your adult diapers.  You won’t be able to leave the couch until you’ve finished.  Mesmerizing!

-The Mason’s Secret Newsletter

Stale, Putrid, and unappetizing!

-Consumer’s Bible

If you don’t stop these infernal installments we will have no choice but to take legal action

-Legalese Counsel for Gambloss

Cheap legal stationery

Any similarities between the characters in this story either dead or undead to real life characters are poorly digested.   The same goes for similarities  with television shows, books and other media in that vein.

Copyright 2002, 2012   John Keefe

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